Atena abogados & asesores | Abogados para evitar un juicio
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Solutions for the company, from its birth to its closure. Prevention to avoid problems and attentive to legal compliance. Contract negotiation.


Solutions for debts. Law of the Second Opportunity. Solutions for inheritances and wills. Real Estate Law Solutions. Buying and selling, leasing, community of owners

How do we do it?

Committing to seek joint solutions

Agile, predictive and effective, avoiding confrontation whenever possible

Accompanying in the negotiation

We always negotiate at your side, facing the conflict that you have raised

Offering alternatives not to go to trial

Proactivity in finding a solution to the conflict raised

Identifying the keys to the conflict and the interests at stake

The experience of more than 25 years allows to quickly identify the focus of the conflict

Advice on decision making

Structured negotiation for customer satisfaction. Save of time and money

And if necessary, we resort to litigation

Prepared to face any judicial battle when there is no choice

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us

Because we are different?

Because there is no choice but to adapt to the new times and for that we have to be more agile, predictable and effective,avoiding confrontation whenever possible and always negotiating at your side.


Because our goal is not to go to trial and we will try to avoid it, facing the conflict you have raised, from a totally different perspective.


Without giving up the traditional values ​​of our profession, the trust, personalized service, experience, we offer you support in the conflict, proactivity in its resolution, through a structured negotiation that will try to avoid going to court, thereby shortening the time.


Adaptation to the most appropriate cost in each specific situation.